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Gutherz, Ramona: Experiments in geography education

Benkler, Fabian: How teachers implement social studies education in one school?

Shabani, Valbona: Students’ conceptions about the Balkans/ Albania

Von Burg, Melanie: Students’ conceptions about reasons for global poverty

Schreier, Julian: Students’ conceptions about the topic climate conspiracy theories/ myths

Wäschle, Calvin: What do practicing teachers think about social studies?

Fischer, Deborah: Learning platforms


Wehrli, Ramon & Schmid, Milena: Conceptions of teachers and students about the topic cell phones


Friedli, Josua: Poverty in Switzerland – a pre-conception study. What do adolescents think about poverty in Switzerland?

Murtaj-Zenelli, Samira: Students’ conceptions about Kosovo. Which conceptions do Swiss secondary school students have about Kosovo?

Heiniger, Yanick: Students’ conceptions about tourism in Switzerland. A quantitative study as contribution to geography-didaktical reconstruction

Suter, Corinne: Earth – sun – moon. A study of students’ conceptions before and after instruction

Wüthrich, Zoe: Theoretical and subject-specific didaktical workup of the topic “plastics and trash”

Studer, Lena: Students’ conceptions of gravitative mass movements. The example rock avalanches and mud-flows


Chatziioannidis, Judith: Empirical study of students’ conceptions about the geography and culture of India. Which pre-conceptions do 7th grade learners have about the geography and culture of India?




Murtaj-Zenelli, Samira: Migration in Switzerland. How do refugees and migrants perceive the attitude of the Swiss population towards them?


Kolarik, David: Regional nature park Diemtigtal. Qualitative analysis of the three sustainability dimensions using the case regional nature park Diemtigtal

Suter, Corinne: Climate change and the consequences for the tourism in the Swiss Alps