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Dr. Kathrin Viehrig's experience in teacher education and teaching philosophy

I have been active in (teacher) education since many years. This includes:

  • internships in Germany (state schools and an international school), Mexico and India
  • teaching teacher students for primary/ general secondary school (grade 1-10) in Germany in varying positions
  • being a trainee teacher (second phase of teacher education – Vorbereitungsdienst) in a school with a highly diverse student population in Germany
  • teaching students and in-service teachers for general secondary school (grade 7-9) as a faculty member (lecturer) in Switzerland

Since coming to Switzerland, most of my courses have been blended learning courses or at least had some online learning component.

Geography/ social studies and their education

I have been teaching both geography as a science courses and geography/ social studies education courses. I teach bachelor and master level courses as well as professional development workshops.

Due to the nature of teacher education in Germany and Switzerland, I have taught a wide spectrum of courses. This includes, in geography as a science, courses in physical geography, human geography and human-environment interaction. In education, this includes introductory geography/ social science education courses, courses with a specific focus (e.g. media, bilingual education, extended forms of learning and teaching & out-of-school learning locations) and research/research methods courses as well as e.g. introductions to the new curriculum.

Of course, I’ve also been responsible for supervising student teacher practice and the accompanying course, exams, and grading video portfolios.

Bachelor and master theses I supervised can be found here: list.

Jewish studies/ ERG education

I’m also part of the teaching staff team for the new subject ERG (ethics-religion-community), teaching the introduction to Judaism and Jewish studies as well as two ERG education courses (one on media, the other on informal and out-of school learning.