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Training teachers to work with satellite images

Young Scientists as Change Explorers: Students Evaluating Environmental Change in Europe with Digital Space Technologies (YCHANGE)

(2016 – 2018)

Ychange is an EU-Erasmus+-funded project headed by Germany (Prof. Dr. Alexander Siegmund, Heidelberg University of Education) with partners from Estonia (Dr. Terje Väljataga, Talinn University) and Czechia (Dr. Premsyl Stych, Charles University Prague). I‘m the Swiss partner, funded by the Movetia Foundation. The research assistant on the Swiss side is Nicole Notter.

Satellite images play an important role in the job market (especially in STEM), society and science. Across Europe, the use of satellite images is demanded by curricula, but there is a gap to classroom practice, where they are often not used, especially beyond simply looking at e.g. true color printed images. Consequently, it is important that pre- and in-service teachers are trained in that area. Within the project, educational design research will be used to develop a variety of outputs (e.g. curriculum, learning modules dealing with human-environment interactions in the context of environmental issues) and training events with teachers will be conducted.

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