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What do teachers belief about their subject and about digital media?

Teacher Concepts of Digital Tools in Education (#TCDTE)

(2017 – ongoing)

The project investigates teachers’ use and concepts of digital tools in education. The sample comprises pre-service teachers as well as in-service teachers with varying degrees of teaching experience.

Pilot studies with pre- and in-service history teachers were conducted in Germany’s Ruhr area (2011/2012) and in Basel (2016/2017) by Prof. Dr. Marko Demantowsky.

In the current phase, I’m working with Prof. Dr. Marko Demantowsky to re-analyze the existing data and further develop the assessment instrument.

In 2017/ 2018, we implemented a geography/ social studies (RZG) part.

In 2018/ 2019, it is planned to extend the questionnaire to include philosophy and ethics-religions-community (ERG). For that, we collaborate with Stefano Franceschini.