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I have 40 publications, ranging from peer-reviewed articles to papers done collaboratively with my students to textbook chapter and learning materials in journals for teachers.

My current h-index is 6 (141 citations for 40 publications). My ResearchGate impact score is 6.91.


Upcoming publications

Viehrig, K., Rinschede, G. (in press). Psychologische Grundlagen [Psychological Foundations]. In: Siegmund, A., Rinschede, G.: Geographiedidaktik. UTB. link

Viehrig, K., Rinschede, G. (in press). Lernziele [Learning Objectives]. In: Siegmund, A., Rinschede, G.: Geographiedidaktik. UTB. link

Most recent publications

(* = peer-reviewed)

Bonetti, S., Eichenberger, S., Fischer, D., Fischer, N., Kläy, C.-S., Stadler, I., Strebel, C., Wyss, H., Zehnder, P. & Viehrig, K. (2020): Lehrpersonen und ausserschulische Lernorte am Beispiel ‘Dark Tourism’: Ein Studierendenprojekt des Kurses FD Geo 2.2 im HS 2019. [Teachers and out-of-school learning places using the example ‘Dark Tourism’: A student project of the course FD Geo 2.2. in autumn term 2019].  PH FHNW, Windisch.

Viehrig, K. (2019). Public History, Public Religion, Public X? Public History Weekly. 26.09.2019. fulltext
*Viehrig, K., Siegenthaler, D., Burri, S., Reinfried, S., Bednarz, S., Blankman, M., Bourke, T., Brooks, C., Hertig, P., Kerski, J., Kisser, T., Solem, M., Stoltman, J., Behnke, Y., Lane, R., Lupatini, M., Scholten, N., Siegmund, A., Sprenger, S. (2019). Issues in improving geography and earth science teacher education: Results of the #IPGESTE 2016 conference. JOGHE. 43 (3), pp. 299-322.
Billo, B., Meier, S., Oswald, A., von Lewinski, A., Wäschle, C., Zaugg, S. & Viehrig, K. (2019): Kommen fachdidaktische Forschungsergebnisse in der Praxis an? Ein Studierendenprojekt im Rahmen des Moduls “Spezifische Aspekte geografiedidaktischer Forschung” [Do subject didaktical research results arrive in classroom practice? A student project within the module “specific aspects of geography education research”], PH FHNW, Windisch. fulltext
*Solem, M., Stoltman, J., Lane, R., Bourke, T., Chang, C.H., & Viehrig, K. (2018). An assessment framework and methodology for a Trends in International Geography Assessment Study (TIGAS). Geographical Education. 31. pp. 7-15. Fulltext

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